I photographed all three pairs of shoes Megan had purchased for her wedding.  She bought all three and figured she'd decide on which pair to wear the day of. I photographed them separately and together. I figured I may as well cover all bases. Megan did choose one of the pairs to wear at the last minute on her way out the door to meet Peach.    

Peach wore his favorite bandana and wrapped it snugly around his head and eyes like a blindfold.  No client had ever suggested we have the groom wear a blindfold, but then again it was Megan and Peach.  They are very creative as well as sentimental.  When Megan was in front of him when the bandana was lifted. What a fabulous first moment it was to be a part of, as these two are incredibly natural in their love for one another.

Then Megan stubbed her toe and it began to bleed.  She laughed and Peach knelt down and used his bandana to stop her bleeding, laughing too. Jess went and grabbed our wedding kit for band aids, Jan and I kept shooting imagery, and not a person freaked out.  Ever.    

I never took a photo of the shoes Megan actually wore as it wasn't any of her three pairs and the day went by so quickly after that.  In fact, my favorite images of the day are when she is shoeless on the beach.  And honestly it never was about the shoes, even though I had taken plenty of photos of them.  It was, and is, about love, taking care of one another, and going with the flow. Even when things don't work out perfectly, Megan and Peach still have one another.    ~ Beth

Photographer: Elizabeth (Beth) Price
Second Shooter: Jan-Michael Stump
Ceremony & Reception Location: The Homestead Resort
Officiant: Pastor Joe Graybill  Pie: GT Pie Company
Florist: Natalie Carl  Photo Booth:  Shutter Booth
Ceremony/Cocktail Musician: Robert McCloy  DJ: Avatar Media Productions
Transportation: Celtic Shuttles & Tours

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